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Pretty fun quiz!


- Jimmy Fallon’s Monologue; July 7, 2014

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In a two-faced society where men are praised for their sexual endeavors while women are shamed, one fiery young woman says no more!

From award winning Writer/Director of the internationally acclaimed short, “The Womanhood” — A short superhero movie about periods!

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- Yvonne LaBarge (Writer/Director) (Creator of Everything Ginger)

7 Questions with Andrew Santino by Ryan Meehan

Ryan Meehan:  Who gave you the name “Cheeto Santino” and where did that originate?  Do you consider the term “ginger” to be offensive or derogatory?

Andrew Santino: My buddy Pookie gave it to me after we were playing basketball one day. We were in a bar drinking, as you do after an intense workout and he noticed my red leg hair. In a classic Pookie drunk east LA Mexican accent said, “You got ORANGE leg hairs dog? That shit is gross. It looks like you ate a bag of Cheetos and when you were done you wiped the finger dust all over your legs.” It was amazing.

I think the word Ginger is great. I use it all the time.

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" Freckles are the constellations of the skin. "

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Redheads do it better.
It must be true if it’s in neon. #redheads #ginger #neon

"A REAL gingerbread man." — Ginger Problems



"Nobody likes being different as a kid. In first grade kids called me Freckleface Strawberry. … I was really self-conscious about my freckles. But now I’m not!  |  I dyed my hair blonde for a new movie .. It was fun for two days. … The minute the movie wrapped, I changed it back. … It was the first time in my life I realized I’m very happy identified as a redhead” ~ Julianne Moore

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